Reprinted from The Sun Sentinel

Cable TV host sentenced to probation, house arrest in drug case

Published August 26, 2008

By Dianna Cahn

A cable television host who pleaded guilty to aiding in a scheme to sell illegally procured human growth hormones and other drugs was sentenced to five years probation with six months of house arrest, his lawyer said Monday.

Michael Sherman, host of The Mike Sherman Show on WBFS-Ch. 33 in Miami, pleaded guilty in May to tax fraud for helping his former brother-in-law, Patrick Bronder, hide income from peddling human growth hormone and prescription drugs in peddling human growth hormone and prescription drugs in Boca Raton, officials from the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Bronder, a personal trainer, was sentenced earlier this month to seven years in prison for peddling the drugs on the black market. Bronder pleaded guilty in May to buying the drugs from New Jersey chiropractor Michael Manno and selling them to a Boca Raton wholesaler. From there, the drugs would return to pharmacies where they would be prescribed to unwitting patients.

The chiropractor obtained the drugs from Medicaid patients who were prescribed the drugs from clinics in New York City, and court records showed that Bronder and Manno made no effort to properly preserve or store the drugs. Sherman pleaded guilty in May to helping Bronder shield the income from the scheme in offshore accounts.

"We believe the judge recognized Sherman's extremely minimal role in Bronder's scheme," Sherman's attorney Brian Bieber said. He said the judge took into account that Sherman's actions of seven years ago were "during a different chapter in Sherman's life."

Sherman has paid back $41,000 in back taxes he owes and plans to pay back an additional $18,000, Bieber said.