Representative Cases

Hirschhorn & Bieber, P.A. has represented athletes, entertainers, public officials, private citizens, “regular” folks, local as well as multinational corporations, businesses and officers of major financial institutions. Here are a few noteworthy cases.

State of Florida vs. Blank
Jury acquittal of all charges involving insurance fraud and grand theft.

State of Florida vs. Bricklod
Fraud conviction reversed based on improper admission of hearsay testimony.

State of Florida vs. Chandler
Watershed United States Supreme Court decision in which we opposed cameras in the courtroom over the defendant's objection.

State of Florida vs. Law
Charges against NFL football player Ty Law, accused of resisting arrest and disobeying a lawful command by a police officer, dropped after aggressive pre-trial presentation to the prosecutor.

State of Florida vs. Melchionno
Jury acquittal of all charges involving an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon requiring a 20-year minimum mandatory sentence if convicted.

State of Florida v. Sawh
Jury acquittal involving attorney accused of grand theft ($2,000,000.00 from trust account).

State of Florida vs. Silva
Changed the method of selecting juries in Florida State Courts.

State of Florida v. Smith
Reversal of Circuit Court Order requiring our client to provide a DNA sample to the State 7 years after his probation was terminated. This successful appeal preserved the individual privacy rights of all Florida citizens, called into question the legality of over 700 DNA samples illegally obtained by the State, and shut-down an entire division of a Miami-based Police Department.

State of Florida vs. Spence
Aggravated battery charge against one of the country’s most prominent personal injury attorneys, dismissed.

State of Florida vs. Taylor
Jury acquittal of a serious felony charge in which Anthony Taylor was accused of pulling a gun on his adoptive son, Miami Dolphins football player Jason Taylor.

United States vs. Ehrling
The conviction of the former president of a $1.3 billion publicly traded company, reversed on the grounds that no crime was committed. The indictment charged that General Development Corporation had engaged in massive fraud in connection with its sales, marketing, and financing practices. The trial lasted nine months.

United States vs. Fanfan
Convicted of federal tax-related crimes by plea, Dr. Joseph Fanfan avoided up to four years of prison and was sentenced to home confinement and five months in a halfway house, as a result of an innovative and aggressive approach to the ordinary sentencing process.

United States vs. Hastings
We organized and prepared the complex defense of, and for, a sitting Federal Judge who was indicted for, and acquitted of, bribery.

United States vs. Ocon
Dismissal of Federal indictment charging the possession of 400,000 pills of MDMA (Ecstasy) following our successful motion to suppress.