Practice Areas

Hirschhorn & Bieber’s legal practice covers every aspect of the defense of criminal matters in State and Federal courts throughout the United States.

Services offered by the firm include:

Criminal Defense & Appeals

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. The penalty may include jail or imprisonment, mandatory treatment, fines, and/or probation, as well as the potential loss of significant civil rights and privileges. You need experienced criminal litigation trial lawyers to represent your interests and provide counsel so that you make the best possible choices under the circumstances.

Hirschhorn & Bieber defends people accused of crimes or misconduct in Federal and State courts. Our criminal defense practice covers all 50 states and we often consult in matters involving foreign governments.

While many attorneys choose not to get involved in a criminal case until the defendant has been formally charged with a crime, we aggressively pursue, where appropriate, efforts to ward off criminal charges. Our experience has proven that there is no substitute for early intervention.

In fact, we are often successful in avoiding the filing of formal charges, even though that is not necessarily in our best financial interests. We do what is best for the client, whose interests and concerns are of greater importance than our own. We do ask that you respect the financial arrangements we have made while we do the very best we can for you.

When charges are filed, we commit ourselves and the law firm’s resources to removing whatever obstacles are placed in our path. We pursue motions where appropriate and painstakingly sift and winnow through the discovery process. Pretrial preparation and strategizing “outside the box” are often the keys to a successful resolution. We do not win all our cases, nor do we claim to. What we do is try the hardest we can to produce the best possible result. If we do not get that, we go to trial. That is what we do. We are trial lawyers.

Should you be convicted of a crime and you appeal, we have the knowledge, ability, and experience to help you through this increasingly complex legal process.

Business Fraud

This area of our practice involves allegations of fraud in banking, bankruptcy, computer, health care, insurance, mortgages, postal service, money laundering and other types of criminal matters in Federal and State courts at the trial or appellate levels.

Commonly referred to as white-collar crime, this area of the law has become a specialty for criminal defense attorneys. Indeed, navigating through the often confusing and complex maze of Federal and State laws and regulations surrounding business activities has become a primary focus for our firm.

Most people accused of these types of crimes are ordinary citizens who, for a variety of reasons, make ill-fated decisions. Frequently these decisions are construed by the government as self-help or financing solutions. We see these decisions as a result of negligent or sloppy business practices. In many cases, a plausible, compelling and valid defense can be formulated for these situations. If it is there, we will find it.

Other Types of Representation

We also provide advice, counsel and legal services for matters involving public corruption, gaming, Native American law, and complex civil fraud-related matters.